About the Region

The Mississippi River and its tributaries constitute the largest river system in North America, with a meandering route from its northern headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico, the river has served as the backbone of the United States’ historical and economic development for over two centuries, and represents a veritable cross-section of the ecological, geographic, and cultural diversity of the country.

While ways of life, scenery, and ecosystems may vary greatly over its course, individuals and organizations nationwide with ties to the Mississippi agree that they are all connected to its water and that they need to work together to protect its natural and cultural assets and promote its economic vitality. Geotourism is a way of supporting this effort. 

Highlighting the Nature, Culture and Heritage of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River Geotourism Program seeks to capture and promote the culture, heritage and ecological diversity of the people and places that are connected to the Mississippi River through the voices and stories of the people that live along its shores. 

National Geographic and its partners are working with local organizations, businesses and residents to map and catalog the best travel experiences, stories and businesses along the Mississippi River.  If you live in the region, we invite you to sign-up and recommend historic, cultural and natural landmarks; events, attractions and activities; businesses, artisans and storytellers as well as local legends that capture the region’s unique character, heritage and beauty.

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