Wright's Area 252 Riding Park

Discover over 12 miles of trails stretched across a 252 acre farm. Located along the banks of the Mississippi River in Burkley, KY. The trails range in skill level from beginners to extreme riders.

There is so much to explore throughout our hills and valleys!

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Latitude: 36.80999 Longitude: -89.090181 Elevation: 387 ft
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KY GreatRiverRoad

Trail Difficulty

Moderate - Some sections of trail require trail skill and experience

Trail Distance

22 miles in a 252 acre park

Trail Rules and Restrictions

WARNING: You are responsible for your own safety. Trail use has inherent risks with a variety of unexpected and/or dangerous conditions. It is your responsibility to be informed and take all precautions. Trail conditions are subject to change without notice.


1.       Failure to follow rules and safe operation guidelines may result in arrests, fines, and/or temporary or permanent ban from Area 252.

2.       Each vehicle entering AREA 252 must pay admission fees upon arrival. All riders must execute a waiver of liability prior to riding trails.

3.       All users under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Parent or legal guardian must sign a release of liability in the presence of a staff member and must accompany the minor at all times. No one under the age of 6 is permitted.

4.       The terrain is constantly changing. Ride all trails with CAUTION. When at all possible the uphill rider shall be give the “right of way”. DO NOT BLOCK any trail at any time, except during emergencies. Non operative vehicles should be moved to the side of the trails and attended to immediately.

5.       No trail blazing. Stay on designated trails and obey all signs. Do not enter areas marked as Private Property. Do not damage crops on AREA 252.

6.       Racing, excessive speed, and reckless driving are all strictly prohibited. Be considerate of other riders at all times.

7.       Mud bogging is only allowed on Trail #13 in the designated area.

8.       Litter laws are enforced!!! If you pack it in, pack it out.

9.       No firearms, concealed weapons, or explosives of any kind are allowed on premises.

10.   The removal of any plants, rocks, trees, wildlife, or otherwise is prohibited.

11.   No glass bottles or containers. Alcohol is prohibited.

12.   Camp fires are only allowed in designated areas. No large fires-only downed wood/dead wood may be used for small camp fires. Leave no fires burning or smoldering. Always make sure fire is completely extinguished before leaving.

13.   AREA 252 or any person or entity associated with it, is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury. All decisions by management are final.

14.   A person under the age of sixteen (16) years shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle with an engine size exceeding ninety (90) cubic centimeters displacement, and a person under the age of 16 shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle except under direct parental supervision. A person under the age of sixteen (16) years, when operating or riding as a passenger on an all-terrain vehicle, shall wear DOT approved protective headgear.

Trailhead Access and Parking

Bring your family and spend the day, week, or weekend with us! We are family oriented and have well maintained trails. Our staff is friendly and helpful. Parking is Free! Trailhead facility available onsite. 


It forsure is a place one wants to ride and explore. An off road enthusiasts will love it and its a dang gd spot to go get away and enjoy,camp,or just relax but one outdoor event u dont want to miss!

Tommy OSteen Jr., 2/21/2016

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