Veilleuse Theieres Tea Pot Collection

The world’s largest collection of antique porcelain veilleuse theieres (night light teapots) is housed in Trenton, Tennessee.  These teapots were made and used between  1750 through the late 1800’s and were collected by Dr. Frederick Freed during his travels to Europe, Asia and North Africa beginning in 1929. The teapot held an herbal tea, soup or tisane for the sick or infant patient and the godet in the stand offered a vigil light for the attendant.  The combination produced healing vapors to fill the sick room. These teapots were created in many ornamental shapes including animal, personage, architectural and mythological as well as traditional.  The collection contains 4 Napoleonic teapots and many designed by Jacob Petit.  At Dr. Freed’s request the collection is available for viewing, free of charge, at any time with access through the Trenton Police Department.  Mirrored showcases offer guests a 360 degree view of each teapot.

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Latitude: 35.978173 Longitude: -88.941587 Elevation: 336 ft
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