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My husband and I are owners of a pottery that sits on the bluff overlooking the river in Alton, Illinois.  Each day the river has a different color, texture, or mood.  I have seen it appear anywhere from a beautiful blue to lavender, to muddy or white filled with ice and snow.  I love watching weather fronts blow in across the river. People come into our shop and immediately ask if we get our mud from the Mississippi.  Yes, we say, but not literally. The "mud" we draw from the river is  the inspiration for our name "Mississippi Mud Pottery" as well as our artwork. The river is an influence for colors and designs we use in our pottery.   Some of our pottery patterns include fish, turtles and swirls inspired by the river.

~ Felicia Breen & Chad Nelson, owners of Mississippi Mud Pottery, Alton, Illinois  

The Mississippi River is the lifeblood of the Delta region and the Mid-South, always serving as our area’s main source of commerce and entertainment. No place exhibits that symbiotic relationship between the River and the people that live along it than the Mississippi Delta. In our region, you can see how the River formed the lifestyle of  the Delta people, how we operate our daily lives, and how that lifestyle has adapted and progressed over the past 300 years since.

~ Lynette Tanner, owner of Frogmore Plantation and historical preservationist, Frogmore, Louisiana

The Mississippi River has always carried music through the heart of our country from South to North and has always brought new flavors and new elements. River musicians, actually anyone who lives near the river or has spent time near it, has it living in their heart and will always come back to it. It is hypnotic and healing. It is part of us all. Our mission at River Music Experience (RME) is to present contemporary music, but also to preserve the origins, the roots of American music. Young musicians need to know where the music came from or they will never truly understand it.

~  Ellis Kell, Director of Programming & Community Outreach for River Music Experience, Davenport, Iowa

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