Tower Rock

See the "Grand Tower Rock" near the Missouri shore opposite Grand Tower. It's less than an acre, rising 90 feet above low water. It may look benign, but has garnered river men's respect for centuries. Note the chain of rocks just below it, which create a whirlpool effect and hazardous navigation at higher river levels. Maps of old might have said, "here be demons".

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Latitude: 37.629566 Longitude: -89.514525 Elevation: 355 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Devil's Backbone Park is located at the northern edge of the community of Grand Tower. It offers RV camping, playgrounds, picnic facilities, and a shower house. The Park offers an excellent view of Tower Rock, a small landmark limestone island carved by the Mississippi River mentioned in the journals of both Pere Marquette in 1673 and Lewis and Clark in 1803.

Seasons Accessible

When the Mississippi River level drops enough, people can walk to Tower Rock. Caution: sudden changes in locks upstream to keep navigation moving can leave spectators stranded on the rock.

Accessibility Notes

Mississippi River Currents can be very strong.

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