Tombstone Tours - Pike County, Missouri

In these cemeteries are buried victims of Indian massacres, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, statesmen, legislators and community leaders. There are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, African American, community and family cemeteries. 

Revealed on tombstones is the tragedy of epidemics. Entire families died in a short time.  Infant death was common. Also on view are signs that families decided this was a good place to live and raise children. Many generations of some families were born, raised and lived all of their lives in Pike County. This tradition continues today in many families. 

Pike County was a stepping off place for the great migration to the west.  It offers a wealth of information for those interested in the genealogy of their family. Most of the cemeteries in Pike County have been cataloged by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Pike County Chapter.  The catalogs are available in each of the Pike County libraries.

Visit the Clarksville Visitor Center to obtain a brochure on Tombstone Tours. In addition to guiding visitors to cemeteries, this brochure will lead them through old river towns, quaint villages and the county seat with its impressive war memorial. There are more than 150 cataloged cemeteries in Pike County. Fifteen have been selected for this brochure.

For a listing of other cemeteries, please contact Louisiana Public Library, 573-754-4491, Bowling Green Public Library, 573-324-5030 and Clarksville City Hall, 573-242-3336.

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Latitude: 39.396474 Longitude: -91.289104 Elevation: 838 ft

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