The Rig Museum

Located in Morgan City, Louisiana, guided tours are given of the historic offshore drilling rig "Mr. Charlie." The "Mr. Charlie" is the only place in the world where the general public can walk aboard an authentic offshore drilling rig. The rig is also used as a hands-on, live-aboard training facility. The students go through formal classroom training, practice skills with hands-on activities, and live aboard the rig to experience the offshore, isolated living conditions they are getting ready to enter. This keeps the rig active and allows guests to view offshore workers in their offshore working and living environment.

Topics discussed during the guided tours are the history of the offshore oil and gas industries, the jobs on a rig, the working and living conditions on a rig, and how to drill a well. Areas of the rig toured are the living quarters with the stateroom area, recreation room, mess hall, and galley; a remotely operated vehicle; the pipe rack deck and drill floor, and the mud sack room and pits.

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Latitude: 29.690908 Longitude: -91.208818 Elevation: 13 ft
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Seasons Open


Hours Open

Guided tours are given at 10am and 2pm Monday through Saturday, weather permitting.


$6 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for students

Accessibility Notes

Visitors have to climb a set of stairs with 28 steps to reach the first deck level. There are several other shorter sets of steps throughout the rig.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets may be allowed.

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