Spring Bayou Wildlife Management Area

The Spring Bayou Complex is an ecological system located in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. It is made up of sprawling open lakes, bayous, bays and sloughs with forest cover throughout the area.

Avoyelles Parish is known for its French-speaking history, with Creole traditions in both music and food, which reflects European, African and Native American influences. While having a distinctive history of immigrants directly from Europe, it is considered the most northern of the twenty-two “Acadian” parishes. The Acadians contributed strongly to the development of Cajun culture in this area, as did Africans and Native Americans.

Spring Bayou Wildlife Management Area contains 12,506 acres and is owned by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The area is in the low lying Red River backwater system. General topography is low, poorly drained land, with numerous finger lakes and narrow ridges. About 40 percent is covered by water, with various open lakes, bayous, bays, and sloughs. The area is drained by Little River.

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Latitude: 31.129789 Longitude: -91.959216 Elevation: 43 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Fishing is excellent; principal species caught are largemouth bass, various panfish, and catfish.

Boating, kayaking and canoeing are popular in open water portions.

Seasons Accessible

Even though the complex is generally opened year round, the spring and summer months are the most popular seasons for fishing, boating and scenic enjoyment.



Accessibility Notes

The area is accessible at various points throughout the complex, but the most accessible and popular point is the Boggy Bayou Landing located in Marksville, La.

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