Rivergator: Paddler's Guide to the Middle/Lower Mississippi River

THE RIVERGATOR is a mile-by-mile paddler’s guide written for canoeists, kayakers, stand-up-paddleboarders, and anyone else plying the waters of the Lower Mississippi River in human-powered craft.

The Middle/Lower Mississippi River creates the longest free-flowing water trail in the continental United States, 1155 miles from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico.

The name Rivergator is adopted from the best seller The Navigator first published in 1801 by Zadok Cramer, with the hope that Americans will rediscover their “wilderness within,” the paddler’s paradise created by the Middle Lower Mississippi Rivers.

Four year project. Website under construction. Dec 2014: add on St. Louis to Caruthersville and Vicksburg to Baton Rouge. Dec 2015: website completed with the addition of Baton Rouge to the Gulf and the Atchafalaya.


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Latitude: 38.834169 Longitude: -90.099121
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Best Access Points

Useful for daytrippers and long distance paddlers alike.  Choose your section of the Lower Mississippi River by visiting www.rivergator.org and clicking on one of the sections listed in the bottom right of the page. Or click on the full color base map and keep clicking through increasing magnification of maps for details.

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