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The Missouri Bootheel once was a natural basin to catch all of the Mississippi River’s flood waters, and was unsuitable for any kind of habitation.  Drainage and Levee Districts opened up the land for settlement around the 1900 and prevent the area from returning to days when the area was swamp land and forests of Cyprus, Oak and Willows.  The location of New Madrid is part of the "Bootheel" at the north end of the great Mississippi River Delta.  It is the most unique area in the state.

The River Walk Art Gallery was established in 2008 in the "Hart Stepp House" which is the oldest home west of the Mississippi established by Americans.  The gallery show cases art work and photography of the region by local artist.  Learn about the areas trees, plants, and wildlife through the eyes of both professional and amateur photographers.

Located below the St. John’s Levee on Waters Street the gallery is just a short set of steps to the New Madrid River Walk, and within walking district to the New Madrid Historical Museum where visitors can learn about the Great Earthquake of 1811 and the part the area played in the war between the North and the South and the struggle to control this section of the River.



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Latitude: 36.583892 Longitude: -89.529736 Elevation: 299 ft
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10:00AM to 5:00PM M-F and 9:00AM to 2:00PM Saturday



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Handi-cap Accessible.

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Pets not allowed in gallery.

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