River des Peres Greenway: Shrewsbury-Lansdowne MetroLink to Carondelet Park

The River des Peres Greenway is a wide open green space that wraps around the River des Peres as it winds its way to the Mississippi River. The paved trail in the River des Peres Greenway currently stretches 7.3 miles from the Shrewsbury-Lansdowne MetroLink Station to Carondelet Park. The greenway also links to a one-mile neighborhood connector, the Christy Greenway, which extends north from Germania to Holly Hills Blvd., where it meets up with the Bike St. Louis system.

This greenway travels through densely populated areas in south St. Louis, skirting the St. Louis City/County line, and crosses several major intersections including Lansdowne, Chippewa, Gravois and Morgan Ford. It also makes it easy to get to businesses, schools, neighborhoods, parks and transit. It links together multiple parks and green spaces, including Fultz Field and Old St. Marcus Cemetery.

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Latitude: 38.592214 Longitude: -90.318097 Elevation: 437 ft

Recreational Opportunities

The River des Peres Greenway offers access to shopping, dining and other businesses; public transit; nearby neighborhoods; numerous parks and a YMCA.

About halfway between the Lansdowne and Alabama avenues, greenway visitors can connect to the Christy Greenway, a neighborhood greenway that extends approximately one mile to Holly Hills Blvd. Those riding their bikes can continue on from there to Carondelet Park with the Bike St. Louis on-street bike routes.

Like the Christy Greenway, the Carondelet Connector trail spurs off the River des Peres Greenway at the intersection of Interstate 55 and Germania Road, allowing visitors to walk or bike one mile on the paved trail to connect to all of the businesses at Loughborough Commons, as well as to the YMCA Rec Plex and Carondelet Park. If you visit Carondelet Park, be sure to check out the historic Lyle Mansion, which is situated on the southern edge of the park and was built in 1842.

The River Des Peres Greenway can be accessed at several other points via Bike St. Louis street routes. Cyclists can ride on the shared traffic lanes on Lansdowne Ave. to access the Lansdowne trailhead, travel on the dedicated bike lanes on Hampton Ave. and cross the River des Peres at Gravois Ave. to access the greenway or take South Grand Blvd. to Carondelet Park to access the Carondelet Connector. The River des Peres Greenway also offers access to Willmore Park via on-street bike routes on Hampton Ave. The River des Peres Greenway offers multiple rain gardens, a Living Wall at Chippewa, playgrounds and water fountains to enjoy along the way. There is also a bicycle education area directly off the trail to help teach kids the rules of the road.

Those visiting Carondelet Park or Willmore Park can fish in the parks’ lakes and grill/have a picnic. Playgrounds and sports fields can be accessed in Carondelet Park, Joseph R. Leisure Park, and River Des Peres Park, all of which lie along the greenway. Playgrounds, a splash pad, disc golf course and dog park can be found in Willmore Park.

Seasons Accessible

The River Des Peres Greenway is open year-round. Please note that the trail is not plowed of snow or ice.


There is no fee to visit the greenway.

Accessibility Notes

The River des Peres Greenway is mostly flat and is accessible to wheelchairs. The three-mile section that lies between Lansdowne Ave. in Shrewsbury and Gravois Ave. in South St. Louis City was recently rebuilt, offering a smooth ride and gentle sloping grades. It has a bit less traffic then the nearby Grant’s Trail, making it a great place for a slow-paced family ride.

There are several restrooms along the trail, and parking is available at Fultz Field and in Carondelet Park.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash.

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