Riser Boot and Shoe

This shop was owned by George and Christianna Riser. George had been trained as a shoemaker in Ohio before moving to Nauvoo in the 1840s. He was known for producing quality shoes and boots at a fair price, even though a pair of boots could cost nearly a week's worth of wages. The Riser shop was only one of 13 such shops in Nauvoo.  

Visit the shop to learn about the time-consuming process for making footwear by hand, including the grades of leather and types of wood used to construct boots and shoes. 

George and Christianna emigrated West in the Mormon Exodus and set up a new shop there.

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Latitude: 40.543389 Longitude: -91.391836 Elevation: 544 ft
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Since this shop is an historical museum with artifacts and demonstration tools, pets may not be brought inside. We appreciate your understanding. Service dogs are allowed.

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