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Imagine setting type for a weekly newspaper by hand, carefully placing each tiny letter in a composing stick backwards. In the Nauvoo Print Shop, you can see a period printing press and learn about the time-consuming labors necessary to print documents in the 1840s. Learn about the origin of common phrases like "ding bat" and "mind your p's and q's."

Two newspapers were printed here in the 1840s: the Nauvoo Neighbor, a weekly community newspaper; and Times and Seasons, an official LDS Church publication containing counsel from Church leaders and letters from traveling missionaries. The shop also printed custom documents, such as handbills (advertisements) and flyers, etc. 

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Latitude: 40.544363 Longitude: -91.391718 Elevation: 548 ft
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May to September: Mon-Sat, 9am- 6pm; Sun, 12pm-5pm // Other Months: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun, 12pm-5pm

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Since this shop is an historical museum with many irreplaceable artifacts, pets may not be brought inside.  We appreciate your understanding. Service dogs are allowed.

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