Oxen Wagon Ride

Do you know why oxen are so much larger than cows?  Or why pioneers used oxen to cross the plains?  Come take a short but fun ride in a wagon pulled by a team of oxen and learn all about them and their immense value to the Mormons who left Nauvoo to settle the West. 


Latitude: 40.554581 Longitude: -91.392045 Elevation: 561 ft
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Kim Orth

Costs and Fees


Seasons Open and Departure

May to September: Mon-Sat, 9am- 6pm; Sun, 12pm-5pm // Other Months: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun, 12pm-5pm

Accessibility Notes

The wagon used for this ride is not accessible by visitors with mobility restrictions. However, the area around the wagon trail is accessible. 

Pet Friendly Notes

Because the oxen must perform their duties without distraction, please do not bring pets to this area. 

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