Ocooch Mountain Maple

Visiting groups will gather in a large garage where we will pretend that they are a group of maple syrup farmers and the garage is a maple forest. Two people will be recruited to participate in a simulation of tapping maple trees. This will be a competition between the two people to see who can tap the tree the fastest which makes it much fun and a great photo opportunity.

After this hands-on exercise, everyone will be given a dish of ice cream with maple syrup topping to enjoy eating as they watch a short custom made video of the Ocooch Mountain Acres maple syrup operation, from tapping the trees through boiling the sap into syrup. After the video, they will be given the opportunity to buy a small bottle of syrup at wholesale to take home as a souvenir of their tour. They may also walk through the syrup processing and bottling room on their way out to the bus. If your tour schedule allows, you may end your tour by visiting a maple farm in rural Westby.

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Latitude: 43.652792 Longitude: -90.851685 Elevation: 1272 ft
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Ocooch Maple Syrup OMA

How to Participate

Contact: Maple Farmer Ruth

Text or call (608) 606-2866

E-mail info@maplesyrup.net

Date and Times

By appointment only.

Appropriate Ages

All ages

Accessibility Notes

Handicap accessible

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