National Blues Museum

Whether it’s jazz or folk, country or pop, rock or rap, the Blues has exerted a deep, profound influence that resonates to this day. Part of the reason is that it has always expressed emotional, heartfelt truths about life that continue to speak to generations of listeners, from all corners and walks of society. Throughout its existence, the essence of the Blues has remained constant, reinforcing basic elements that connect artists from different eras, geographies, and stylistic approaches. That’s because, above all, the Blues is a feeling as much as a form – and as universal as life itself.

The National Blues Museum will explore the Blues and celebrate the genre as the foundation of all modern American music. The facility will educate guests in an entertaining environment that includes high impact technology driven experiences, a state-of-the-art theater, artifact-driven exhibits and robust public programming.

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Latitude: 38.630529 Longitude: -90.189776 Elevation: 465 ft
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Seasons Open

All year

Hours Open

10:00-5:00 Tuesday - Saturday and 12:00-5:00 Sunday- Monday


$15 admission fee, $12 for 65 years and over and large groups, $10 for college students with ID and children 5-17, $5 for elementary and high school groups of 20 students and more, Free for children under 5 years

Accessibility Notes

The Museum will be wheelchair accessible and permitted in the Museum when used by individuals with disabilities as their chosen mobility device. The museum is ADA compliant. Eliminating barriers to accessibility within the Museum is paramount in our planning to allow all optimum access to the Museum experience.

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