Myrtle Grove Cemetery

Established circa 1837, Myrtle Grove Cemetery was once known as the “Protestant Cemetery.”In April 1837, the City of Opelousas named a two-man committee to locate four arpents (an old French unit of land measurement) of property for a public burial ground. A sexton was appointed to Myrtle Grove in May 1842. The sexton was responsible for keeping the grounds in repair, digging graves and keeping a record of those interred. Graves had to be dug six feet deep. The charge was $5 for this service and $2.50 for a slave’s grave. The poor, or those without means, were buried free of charge. No one could be buried without notifying the sexton, and, if enough daylight remained, the sexton was to have the grave ready for the burial within six hours of death.

The cemetery is open daily for family members, genealogists and historians alike.

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Latitude: 30.532233 Longitude: -92.073744 Elevation: 58 ft

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7 days a week; 8:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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19th century - today

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