Mont Helena: A Dream Revisited

In 1855 the lives and fates of many individuals changed when 16 year old Helen Johnstone and Henry Vick, a prominent Delta planter, met by chance. The attraction was immediate and after a long courtship they made plans to wed.

But, a promise kept would cast a pall over Helen's and Henry's wedding day.  A duel took Henry's life and a midnight funeral replaced the wedding. Helen wore her bridal gown and a black veil to the funeral. Destined to a life without her beloved Henry, she pledged her eternal love to him.

Helen eventually married George Harris and in 1896 they built Mont Helena. Mont Helena is a grand plantation home near Rolling Fork, MS in the Mississippi Delta that sits on top of a ceremonial Indian mound. 

The lure of Mont Helena, Helen's Delta plantation home, famous for its architecture, grace and location, provides an unforgettable setting for the telling of her legendary love story.

During the spring an original play/musical, Mont Helena:  A Dream Revisited, written by local community members and performed by local community members is presented. The play is based on historical facts surrounding Helen's tragic love story.

The home, Mont Helena, is a main character in the play. Audience is limited to only 40 guests and they are seated on pews from the plantation church built in the 1850s. The entire play is performed in the main parlor of the home with the grand staircase being the focal point. Each season is for 5 weekends only and a total of 600 guests attend. 

All events at Mont Helena are done through the volunteer group, The Friends of Mont Helena.  

Mont Helena: A Dream Revisited is a memorable experience. The audience is transported back in time and is able to feel Helen's grief and her unending love for Henry.

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Latitude: 32.455769 Longitude: -90.760491 Elevation: 313 ft
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Seasons Open

Home tours year-round; Mont Helena: A Dream Revisited - April/May

Hours Open

Day tour hour upon request; Mont Helena: A Dream Revisited-April/May 7:30 p.m.


Guided tour - $15.00; Tour with breakfast foods or desserts - $25.00; Mont Helena: A Dream Revisited - $65.00 ticket

Accessibility Notes

At this time there are no handicap accessible ramps. There are a few steps leading up to the front porch of the home. Anytime guests are visiting, there are always plenty of volunteers available to assist guests that may have difficulties.

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