Mississippi River Water Trail

The Mississippi River Water Trail passes through the heart of North America and is deeply rooted in natural scenic beauty, Native American heritage and cultural history. Known as the Father of Waters, the Mississippi River gives visitors the chance to enjoy paddling through one of the most scenic stretches of the river in North America that is not only lined with majestic bluffs and full of wildlife viewing opportunities, but also provides plenty of places to stop and relax whether it be a remote island or exciting river city.

This scenic water trail stretches 121 miles of the Upper Mississippi River from Saverton, Mo. to St. Louis, Mo. The Mississippi River Water Trail was established through a partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Mississippi River Water Trail Association.

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Latitude: 39.670783 Longitude: -91.28321 Elevation: 463 ft
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Best Access Points

The Mississippi River water trail is broken up into 4 sections.  Each section coincides with the Upper Mississippi River Pools.  This stretch of water trail is within Pool 24, Pool 25, and Pool 26/27.

Launch Points (see maps for exact locations):

Pool 24: Pike's Passage (Saverton, Mo. to Clarksville, Mo.)

  • Lock and Dam 22
  • Cincinnati Landing
  • Dupont Conservation Area
  • Willow Access - North
  • Salt River Boat Ramp
  • Two Rivers North Access
  • Two Rivers Marina
  • Louisiana Riverfront
  • Gosline Access
  • MDC Calumet Creek Boat Ramp
  • Silo Access
  • Pleasant Hill Access

Pool 25: Pinnacle Pass (Clarksville, Mo. to Winfield, Mo.)

  • Clarksville Riverfront
  • Rip Rap Landing
  • Hamburg Ferry Public Fishing Area
  • Village of Hamburg
  • Prairie Slough Conservation Area
  • Red's Landing - River Access
  • Red's Landing - Backwater Access
  • Norton Woods Access
  • Hurricane Access Area
  • Gilead Access Area
  • Mississippi River Access
  • Prairie Pond Access
  • Foley Access Area
  • Cockrell Hollow Access

Pool 26/27: Bluffs Trail (Winfield, Mo. to St. Louis, Mo.)

  • Cuivre Island Access
  • Royal Landing Access
  • Pohlmann Slough Access (3 launch sites)
  • Silver Lake Access
  • Sherwood Access
  • Grafton City Boat Ramp
  • Hideaway Harbor
  • Piasa Harbor Boat Access
  • Dresser Island Access
  • Spatterdock Lake Access
  • Alta Villa Access
  • Alton Lake Access
  • Lincoln Shield Access
  • Alton Riverfront Access
  • Teal Pond Access
  • Ellis Bay Access
  • Maple Island Access
  • National Great Rivers Museum
  • Lewis and Clark Memorial
  • Canal Access
  • Columbia Bottom Paddle Access

For more information on beginner, intermediate, or advanced paddling trips, or on the locking through process, contact the Mississippi River Water Trail Association. 

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