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Felicia Breen and Chad Nelson
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Felicia Breen


Mississippi Mud Pottery is a small shop in view of the Mississippi River in Alton, Illinois. Established in 1983 we continue to work daily creating handmade functional stoneware pottery.  The Mississippi River is the inspiration for our name, and a strong influence in our our work and patterns.  All the pottery is made by hand in view of our showroom filled with finished pottery pieces so you can watch and shop.  We pride ourselves in quality wares that are durable for daily use, and dishwasher microwave, oven, and food safe.  

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Mississippi Mud Pottery is a brick and mortar store front and working artisan studio.  Our finished pottery wares and work created by local artisans are available in our main level gallery and upstairs gallery.  We specialize in functional stoneware pottery like mugs, bowls, dinner plates etc.  We have many colors and styles of finished wares available right on our shelves to take home.  By request we can make dinnerware sets, and pieces to order within our style.  When you stop in you will be able to watch us work.  We are happy to give tours of our studio space on request.

We have many collectors and fans locally as well as regionally.  Our wares have been taken by our customers all over the United States as well as many countries across the world.  It is a great way to bring a piece from the region back to your home to enjoy.   We also participate in regional art fairs.  

Chad Nelson and Felicia Breen, husband and wife, are the current owners of the shop and full time studio artists/potters.  Chad and Felicia completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville focused in ceramics in 2004 and 2005 where they both met. Chad started working for Mississippi Mud Pottery while still in college.  In 2006 Chad and Felicia took over and purchased Mississippi Mud Pottery from original owners Ken and Brenda Barnett.  Chad and Felicia are continuing a now over 30 year tradition of pottery making at Mississippi Mud pottery.    They have continued their education through their work experience, art fairs, and workshops.

Chad and Felicia work full time at Mississippi Mud Pottery.  Chad is the Full time potter, and Felicia is the full time designer.  They also perform many tasks and bookkeeping necessary to run their small pottery shop.  They also employ several part time employees to help run and maintain the shop. 

All of us at Mississippi Mud pride ourselves in the quality of our handmade wares and invite you to stop in and meet us.

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