Mississippi and Missouri River Confluence

Confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri Rivers. The Ted Jones Missouri State Park is here, and it is part of the Riverlands Corp of engineers area.  Once at the confluence you can literally stand with the Mississippi River a few feet on one side and the Missouri River just steps away on the other side.  Since the Missouri is a muddy brown color ir is unto actually watch the two rivers "mix" together,

River and riverbank environment. I have seen deer, turkeys, eagles and owls at the confluence.You will also have an opportunity to watch boat and barge traffic on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

Visitor are largely on their own with maybe two to six visitors per hour.  Visitors will need to drive about 5 miles on good gravel road to get to the Confluence.  Once there a short trail takes you to the Confluence  This is a very quiet, contemplative area.

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Latitude: 38.839651 Longitude: -90.122467 Elevation: 413 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Garry McMichael

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, observing nature and river traffic, fishing, photography.  Again this is a quiet and contemplative environment.  Sunset is particularly good time to visit where you can watch the sun set over the westward flowing Missouri River.

Seasons Accessible

Accessible all year unless the rivers are at flood stage.


Free to all

Accessibility Notes

It is accessible from Sunrise to Sunset.  If you are there at Sunset you do not have to rush out because there is an automatic gate that allows visitors to leave after dark. I often stay until it is completely dark taking photographs and often leave 20 to 40 minutes after sunset. 

Pet Friendly Notes

I'm not sure about the rules are about pets, but I would bet  they are permitted as long as they are on a leash.


And this will all be destroyed if the pipeline in North Dakota is allowed because, make no mistake, it isn't a matter of IF it will leak, but when.

teri, 11/1/2016

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