Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge

Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is a 4,416 acre refuge that was established in 1996 in southeastern Louisiana.  The refuge has a beautiful fresh-water marsh with ponds, levees, and man-made canals. The refuge's primary management goals are to provide quality migratory bird habitat, provide for the needs of endangered plants and animals, allow compatible public uses like fishing and wildlife observation, promote research and restoration of wetland resources, and provide opportunities for environmental education and interpretation. 


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Latitude: 29.501257 Longitude: -90.810486 Elevation: 2 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Public use opportunities on Mandalay NWR include bird watching, wildlife observation, boating, photography, fishing and hunting.  Please see the applicable hunting, fishing, and public use brochures on the refuge website.

Fishing is allowed year-round.  All Louisiana regulations such as license and creel limits apply to all areas of the refuge.

Hunting is permitted for waterfowl and white-tailed deer (bow only). Lottery hunts are held annually during the state hunting season. No special permit is needed for the bow hunt, however bow hunters are required to check in and out at one of the refuge's hunting check stations. For more information on hunting, visit the refuge's website and review the refuge hunting regulations and other brochures. 

Seasons Accessible

The refuge is open to the public throughout the year during daylight hours. 

Accessibility Notes

Access is by boat only. 

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