Lost Mound Unit - Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge - Savanna District

This area is a statewide significant natural area in Illinois. There is nearly 7,000 acres of uplands and 6,000 acres of bottomlands. Not all of this area is open to the public due to the Army's historical use as a munitions manufacturing, testing, and storage facility.

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Latitude: 42.185913 Longitude: -90.246213 Elevation: 607 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Portions of the Lost Moun Unit are accessible by automobile and it includes a 3.2 mile River Road Wildlife Drive.  

Hiking is accessible on a 1/2 mile trail leading through the sand priaire, black oak savanna and ends at the Brickhouse Slough Overlook. 

In addition there is a  primitive 1 mile  trail that travels through wooded areas and prairie.

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