Lost 40 Hiking Trail

Old growth red and white pines tower above you along this one-mile self-guided interpretive trail.  There is a very short loop trail and a long one mile US Forest Service Trail.

Lost 40 Scientific and Natural Area owes its name to a surveying slip back in 1882. This site includes a narrow peninsula extending from a large upland esker (a glacial landform). The peninsula is flanked by a black spruce and tamarack bog on one side, and a willow and alder marsh on the other.

The area contains 30 acres of white pine-red pine forest and 20 acres of spruce-fir forest. The virgin old-growth white pine-red pine forest is considered to be the most significant old-growth white pine-red pine stand outside of the Boundary Waters and Itasca State Park. Red pine 240-250 years old can be found on the site. Minnesota's state red pine "Big Tree Champion" is found here and is 120 feet tall with a circumference of 115 inches.



Latitude: 47.769038 Longitude: -94.090993 Elevation: 1358 ft

Trail Distance

1 mile

Accessibility Notes

accessible vault toilet. The Lost 40 trail is a wider and more accessible level dirt path on the front short loop--1/4 mile. Rest of trail is narrow and steep in sections

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome on a leash.

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