Los Isleños Museum Complex

The Los Isleños Museum Complex, owned by St. Bernard Parish Government, is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the heritage and cultural traditions of colonists from the Canary Islands in Spain. Canary Islanders (called Isleños in Spanish) founded St. Bernard Parish in 1780. The complex consists of twenty two acres of land and nine historic structures. Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society manages the museum complex for St. Bernard Parish.

The Society aims to accomplish the following: maintaining an Isleños museum and multi-cultural village, promoting an annual scholarship for a student of Isleños heritage, and hosting annual Museum Days. Museum Days are three-day events that give students hands-on knowledge of the early Isleños and their way of life. Click on the link for more information. http://www.losislenos.org/

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Latitude: 29.866592 Longitude: -89.861365 Elevation: 5 ft
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Seasons Open


Hours Open

11 am to 4 pm Daily


$5.00 Admission Fee

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