Los Isleños Fiesta

Los Isleños Heritage & Cultural society celebrates its 40th annual festival March 8 and 9, 2016 on the grounds of the Isleño Museum Complex, 1345-1357 Bayou Road in St. Bernard Village.

The historic Isleño Village, situated in the rear of the Isleño Museum, is the setting for a series of living history demonstrations featuring folk crafts, historic vernacular, life styles, and the cultural identity of the Isleño descendants' community in St. Bernard Parish.

Representatives of the Houma Nation figure prominently by interpreting the history, culture and folk traditions of the Houma Tribe.

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Latitude: 29.867371 Longitude: -89.859514 Elevation: 8 ft
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Event Dates

3/5/2016 – 3/6/2016

Admission Fee (if any)


Ages Festival is Appropriate For

All Ages

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