Liuzza Land

Liuzza Produce Farm is now known as Liuzza Land and is open for groups by appointment. Offering hands-on activities and farm life experiences, Liuzza Land entertains children and adults alike. 

Admission is $7 per person and limited to groups of 200 or less. 

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Latitude: 30.672861 Longitude: -90.519401 Elevation: 98 ft
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Activities at this Site

Guests learn about where food comes from, how produce grows from seeds to the food we eat, and travels from the farm to grocery stores. Activities include: animal exhibits, pony and buggy rides, harvesting produce, wagon tours, sowing seeds, hay bale pyramid, giant corn boxes, seasonal corn maze and more.

Spring tours feature strawberries and fall season features pumpkins. Wagon tours showcase: prepping the fields with tractors and plows, planting by hand, irrigation, fertilizers, harvesting, packing, and delivering produce. The on-site pavilion provides for a covered picnic area, snack station, and restrooms to accommodate up to 150 people.

Hours Open

By appointment

Seasons Open

Spring and fall

Accessibility Notes

The Liuzza family has resided in Tangipahoa Parish for 5 generations. They own numerous businesses and are a huge part of our Parish.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed during farm tours.

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