Lao Buddhist Ordainment Hall Wat Thammarattanaram

Lanexang Village and its Buddhist temple, Wat Thammarattanaram, played host to an estimated 50 buddhist monks and scores of Laotian pilgrims from all over the country for the week long ceremonies held over July 4th weekend 2012. The special occasion was to dedicate the newly constructed ordination hall or “sim” in Lao.

The sim is the most important structure on the temple grounds and was under construction for three years. Most of the construction, craft work, and art in the new structure was done locally by monks and community members. The ordination hall is adorned with highly detailed clay reliefs and colorful mirrored glass tiles in the high-classical ornate Thai-style. Its interior houses large hand-painted wall murals depicting scenes of Buddha’s life and a large marble statue of Buddha that was imported from Thailand.

After the dedication ceremonies, Ordination Hall has been closed to the general public and is strictly for the use of resident monks. Temple officials ask that anyone entering the temple grounds adhere to the proper dress and behavior codes. No short shorts (pants preferred) are permitted on temple grounds and shoes should be taken off when entering any building. Women should avoid getting too close to the  monks.

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Latitude: 30.059383 Longitude: -91.943345 Elevation: 27 ft
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Phanat Xanamane

Hours Open to Visitation

The temple grounds are open to the public 7-days a week. Certain buildings may be closed. Scheduled tours from local community members are available. For tour appointments please contact Phanat (pa-not) via email at .

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