Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co.

Opened in in 1866, the Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co. building turned 150 years old recently. It remains the cornerstone of Lake City, Minnesota. It began as a general merchandise store, then a shirt factory and from about 1910-1920 it became a button cutting company. The clams taken from the Mississippi were cut into button blanks, then shipped down the river to be polished and shaped into useable buttons. A free display and video explain the clamming industry on the Mississippi River during that time frame. The original hand pulley wooden elevator was used to haul clams and is still functional to all three floors. The multicolored tin walls were installed when the building was a casket making / funeral home. The building once housed a hatchery, an auto repair, a dry goods store, and was closed for more than seventy years. Now you can experience this historic building, see the clamming display and shop in the general merchandise store with gifts, art, nautical, antiques, apparel  and eclectic items. 

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Latitude: 44.448491 Longitude: -92.26428 Elevation: 687 ft

How to Participate

The clamming display and video are open during all store hours as noted in the date and times.

Date and Times

The Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co. Is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday January through April. Then Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and Sunday 11am to 4pm. Call 651-345-2100 if you have a question.


Appropriate Ages

The educational clamming display and video would be of interest from ages 7- adult.

Accessibility Notes

Wheelchair accessible for the clamming display and video.

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