Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge

About 17,500 acres make up the Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge. Out of the 17,500 acres is the 350 acre lake from which the refuge took its name. Topography of the refuge consists of unique ridges and swales that provide for a wide diversity in plant and animal life. The refuge was established in 2000 with the goal of maintaining and restoring habitat for migratory bird species as well as aquatic resources and other endangered plants and animals. Located 20 miles northeast Of Marksville LA on Hwy 452; Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge is situated in the path of the Mississippi flyway and attracts thousands of wintering waterfowl during their migration. The refuge is open every day to visitors from sunrise to sunset.

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Latitude: 31.19228 Longitude: -91.841587 Elevation: 43 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Lake Ophelia offers hunting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation and photography. Hiking is allowed on all public areas of the refuge and wildlife observation along with photography is highly encouraged. Hunters are drawn to the white-tailed deer that live on the refuge and anglers enjoy the abundance of fish species that call the waters of the refuge home. Hunting and fishing is permitted on over 12,000 acres of the 17,500 acre refuge.

Seasons Accessible

Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge is open year round from sunrise to sunset.


An annual public use permit is required for all hunting and fishing on Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge.

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