La Semaine Française d'Arnaudville

Coming in April of each year is the Semaine Fran├žaise d'Arnaudville rural creative placemaking summit.

Hosted by NUNU Arts and Culture Collective in partnership with Les Articulteurs of Redon, France, and the French Consulate in New Orleans, this summit serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas.

Join with us as we celebrate who we are, as we discover our commonalities, beginning with the love of a shared language; and as we plan ways to meld the ingredients of a social economy into one of job growth and increased quality of life opportunities.

See our website for more info on this year's event:

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Latitude: 30.394711 Longitude: -91.935632 Elevation: 26 ft
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Sample Itinerary of Experience

Creative placemaking to foster thriving communities.

Art & Civil society: Civic art, private needs and common goods.

Cultural assets and how they drive economic development.

The importance of developing creative communities.

Industry meetings: Creative economy, Heritage and culture, Artistic exchanges

Costs and Fees

Nominal per day fees of around $10 including meals and transportation.

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