La Guiannee Society


Latitude: 38.085221 Longitude: -90.097324 Elevation: 394 ft
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Members of the La Guiannee Society carry on a nearly 300 year old tradition each New Year's Eve.

Full Explanation

Around 7 PM each New Year's Eve members of the La Guiannee Society begin to assemble in preparation for visiting local homes and businesses.  The tradition of la guiannee was brought to Prairie du Rocher by the French who settled the area in the early 1700's.  Prairie du Rocher is the one of the only North American French Colonial settlements that have continuously carried on the tradition of la guiannee.

Upon arrival at a local home or business the group sings 2 verses outside, and then when invited in by the homeowner or business person the entire song is sung.  After the singing has finished it is local custom that food and drink are offered to the singers.  The group then proceeds on to the next stop.  This process is repeated anywhere from 10-20 times that evening (depending on the number of stops).

Local legend has it that homes/businesses that are visited will have good fortune during the upcoming year.

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