Kinstone Megalithic Garden

If you have never visited a stone circle (think Stonehenge), then you might want to come to Kinstone to see one in person! If you are a megalithic maniac or lover of stone-places - then that's all the more reason to visit. There are over a million tons of granite standing stones and boulders that have been intentionally placed in the fields and pasture-land of this old Wisconsin dairy farm. The unique thatched, cordwood chapel on the property is one of its main attractions due to the beautiful artwork made with wood and colored glass bottles in the walls. The chapel interior is never seen the same twice - every time of day in every season causes the designs to be highlighted just slightly differently offering a fresh view each visit. Kinstone is a megalithic garden and working permaculture site on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Among its diverse annual and perennial plantings, pond, natural buildings, chapel and food forests, there is a stunning array of megalithic features including three stone circles, a 7-circuit classical labyrinth and standing stones with intentional alignments with the cardinal directions, the sun and the North Star. The stone structures are art on a grand scale. There is also a pond with fish, plantings of fruit and nut trees, flower and vegetable gardens that vary year to year, a 2-acre restored prairie, plus a large area in a long-term process of oak savannah restoration. Paths are mowed into the natural growth and form a "Pilgrim Path" that visitors can walk to experience a contemplative journey around the property. We are home to Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture where we offer educational experiences to re-connect you with the earth - regenerate, relearn, revive! This is a relatively young property, having just been opened to the public in 2014. It is open to visitors during daylight hours May through October and during more limited hours from November throughout April. 

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Latitude: 44.093513 Longitude: -91.627294 Elevation: 1218 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Kinstone is a privately owned place of art and beauty. A unique place to connect with the earth, sky and others - mainly through large scale stone and structural art and various gardens. The typical visitor comes for relaxation and contemplation of the megalithic art and unique natural buildings. Many look to Kinstone as a place to recognize the passing of the seasons on Equinox and Solstice days. Other visitors come for classes, workshops and other educational opportunities through our educational arm: Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture. Kinstone Academy offers educational programs based on care of earth and care of people.

We host permaculture courses, natural building workshops and other programs that are focused on holistic health and connections to earth, self and others. These  include classes and events related to yoga, raw foods, fermentation, home brewing, home cheese making, contemplative/meditative practices and more. Educational offerings and events are typically available April through October. There are scheduled guided tours each week between May and October as well. We also offer programs to celebrate the seasons at the Equinoxes and Solstices, drum circles, star gazing gatherings, meditative "Kinstone Pilgrim Path" programs and more. See our website for current schedules and registration information.

Seasons Accessible

The majority of the visitors enjoy Kinstone between May and October each year. Self-guided tours, guided tours, courses, events and special gatherings are posted on our website as they are planned. We offer a few winter activities between November and April that are posted on our website when they are planned. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and winter hiking are typical winter activities depending upon the weather.


Suggested Donation of $5/person.

Accessibility Notes

The office/classroom buildings at Kinstone are generally accessible for wheel chairs, but are not fully ADA compliant. The 15 acres of open areas of the site are generally grassy with steeper areas. Paths are mowed into the natural growth. These paths guide you from feature to feature on the property. The paths are somewhat uneven and even rough in some places. Several of the major features are on the ridge-top and are easily accessible by walking and accessible by sturdy wheel-chairs. There are other features that are on the lower areas of our sloping land. Those features require the ability to walk down hills and to then walk back up hills on the return. There are about 15 wooded acres that are undeveloped; the steeper woodlands are not accessible to visitors at this time.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs on leashes are welcome only when the owner also picks up after the dog and takes all waste products with them and when the dogs are not disruptive to the contemplative nature of the place.  There are neighborhood dogs that roam the property unbidden, so any visitors with pets should be aware of this. Kinstone takes no responsibility for the actions of such animals on the site.


This is a must see, go when a tour is available. It is very interesting and educational. A beautiful and peaceful place, great photography opportunities.

Anna Annunziata, 2/9/2016

This place is fabulous to visit or volunteer.

Jerry Cleveland, 2/10/2016

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