JW Hall & Company Marketplace

J.W. Hall & Co. Marketplace is a specialty grocery store in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas that carries locally and regionally sourced groceries, household sundries, dry goods, and gifts.

At Hall & Co., our mission is to bring you the highest quality, specialty products available.

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Latitude: 34.52506 Longitude: -90.58616 Elevation: 195 ft
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Hours Open

Wednesday-Friday 10 am-6pm and Saturday 10am-5pm

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

J.W. Hall was born in 1875 in Poplar Grove, Arkansas. He moved as a boy, to Helena. As a young man, he went west where he was a Pinkerton agent in the Range Wars in the Dakotas.

When he was 25 years old, Mr. Hall moved back to Helena and went to work in a grocery store on Cherry Street. He married Josephine Turner, from Cypert, AR. Josephine’s family had a large farm in Cypert. She attended college in Trenton, AR and later graduated from a business college in Memphis. After several years, Hall bought the store from the owner.

Mr. Hall ran a successful grocery for many years. The store had a large warehouse in the back and he sold groceries wholesale to other grocers in the area. Then the depression hit. Mr. Hall had carried a lot of customer debt on his books, so he was forced to close the store.

As a young boy Mr. Hall’s son, John W., would work in the store. His job was to deliver groceries in the Model A truck. John W. was so young he could not reach the brake pedal on the truck, so they attached a wooden block to the pedal so he could reach. The sheriff was always stopping him for driving too young, but that didn’t deter the Halls.

As he grew older, John W. did not want to be in the grocery business. Instead, he chose to move to Cypert to farm his mother’s land. J.W. Hall told his son not to go into farming because it would be a terrible life. The Hall family still owns and successfully farms that same land today.

In 2015, JW Hall's great-granddaughter reopened the Marketplace in a location just down the street from the original one. She has put her own unique stamp by adding high quality meats and seafood as well as specialty cheeses and other hard to find food items. A limited deli is available and casseroles are available for a quick pickup. She also strives to provide locally sourced produce (on a seasonal basis).

Accessibility Notes

A handicap ramp is available at the southern end of the 300 block of Cherry Street.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are very welcome and you will often be greeted by Ozzy, who serves as Kimberly's daughter Harper Hall's service dog, but enjoys his role as town greeter. 

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