Johann Peter Dierks House

The Johann Peter Dierks House, also known as the Dierks-Creveling Home, is an 1865 limestone treasure.  A German immigrant Peter Kiers, Sr. built the house.  It is one of the finest and best-preserved examples of stone residential construction remaining in Clinton County.  The house is located six miles west of Clinton on today’s Highway 136.  It is a two-story native yellow limestone structure resting on a 21-inch stone foundation.  The house is 27 feet by 36 feet with a framed kitchen/pantry 17 feet by 26 feet.  The original frame room off the kitchen is 17 feet by 21 feet.  The walls of the stone section taper to 18 inches on the second floor.   The front façade of the house is balanced by a double-front door in the center with an equal number of windows of the same size to the left and right of the central hallway behind the double doors. 

In 1899, a Queen Anne style porch, along with a wood frame kitchen and pantry wing was added.  The entrance porch has five large turned posts and two half posts as supports.

Johann Peter Dierks immigrated to the U.S. from Norderstapel, Schleswig, Germany on May 6, 1854 on the ship “Miles” with his wife and five children, probably as a result of the failure of Schleswig-Holstein to separate from Denmark in 1848.  He purchased 160 acres of land from his brother Peter Henry, who immigrated in 1851, and they both prospered in general farming and livestock raising.  Johann Peter, who was born on May 26, 1813, died on May 27, 1897, at which time he had 44 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren, all living within ten miles of the property.  His son, Peter, succeeded him and is reported to have lost the property to the Lyons Savings Bank on December 5, 1930 as a result of a poker game.  Preston Creveling and his family then purchased the property from the bank on January 29, 1932.   They owned the property until 1990 when they sold it to Leif and Barbara Solheim who in turn sold it to Robert and Arlene Rose Considine in March, 1996.

This property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 30, 1998.

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Latitude: 41.876028 Longitude: -90.250077 Elevation: 725 ft
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The wife of Johann Peter Dierks was Catharina Lass (my great-great-aunt), born July 8, 1814 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, daughter of Peter Lass and Anna Peters Lass. She married Mr. Dierks on March 16, 1837 in Germany. She died in Hampshire Township, Clinton County on July 9, 1882. Their children were Hans, Anna, John, Detlef, Catherina, Peter (born in Clinton County) and Henry (born in Clinton County). Catharina Lass Dierks had a brother Max Lass (my great-great-grandfather), born a year after her in Germany. Max married Catharina Trienke Dierks and they also moved to Clinton. Max and Catharina had a daughter, Anna Lass who married Claus Peters in Clinton, a son, Hans Lass (my great-grandfather) and a daughter, Margaretha Lass. Margaretha married Johann Dierks, Jr (mentioned above).

Lanie Lass, 8/30/2016

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