Iron Banks Lodge

Grand Hotel to Grand Lodge. The Iron Banks Lodge Bed and Breakfast sits high above the banks of the Mississippi, with a view as grand as the old hotel itself.  The Lodge offers plenty of room inside and out for entertaining family and friends with four spacious guest rooms, each with a private bathroom, thoughtfully designed for your comfort and quiet relaxation; plus several sitting areas, a dining area, fully functional and updated kitchen and an outside balcony with a view as grand as the old hotel itself.

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Latitude: 36.757648 Longitude: -89.105933 Elevation: 469 ft
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Lodging Style and Amenities

Iron Banks Lodge provides a Bed & Breakfast with plenty of room inside.  Four bedrooms, each with private bathroom are named with specific interests in mind.  

The Andrew Jackson Room is decorated in a dark red color similar to the inside of his cloak shown in one of his most famous portraits.  The portraits on the south wall are of Andrew and his beloved wife, Rachel. The "D" on the white cotton wall hanging represents Donelson, Rachel's maiden name.

The Confederate Room is decorated with thoughts and memorbilia relating to the American Civil War. At the beginning of the Civil War (1861-1865) the critical border state of Kentucky declared their neutrality. Pro-Confederate Kentuckians crossed into Tennessee to enlist but the Union army openly formed a recruiting camp inside Kentucky, violating the state's neutrality. Partly in response to this recruiting camp, Confederate Major General Leonidas Polk moved Confederate forces into Kentucky on September 3, 1861, setting up camp on the western banks of the Mississippi in Belmont, Missouri.

The French Room is adorned with thoughts of two French explorers (Father Jacques "Pete" Marquette, a Jesuit missionary from France and Louis Joliet, a French-Canadian fur trader and explorer) were chosen by Frontenac, Governor of New France, to lead an expedition to find the direction and mouth of the Mississippi River, known by the natives as Messipi "The Great Water". Being the first non-natives to explore and map the Mississippi River, they claimed the Middle Mississippi River Valley for the French, naming this area Les Riverages de Fer, or Iron Banks.

The Mississippian Room is named in honor of an ancient and mysterious group of people dating from approximately 2000 years ago. Drawn to the area by the river, just as the explorers and the settlers who followed, they were searching for the Promised Land and the food it would provide. The Mississippi River and its tributaries provided a convenient and bountiful highway.

Recreational Opportunities

Located near the Boat Ramp of the Mississippi River, Columbus-Belmont State Park, the Mississippi River Trails, and Wright's Area 252 ATV Riding Park. 

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Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927, one of the most destructive river floods in the history of the United States, brought Francis Marion Rust who was in charge of the Red Cross relief efforts to Columbus, Kentucky. With the aid of the Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover and the Red Cross appropriations of over $90,000, Mr. Rust helped to relocate the town Columbus to its current location one-half mile north, 140 feet above the river on 80 acres of land. It is thought to be the first time in history that an entire town was moved to a new location.

Mr. Rust, captivated with “new” Columbus, envisioned potential for the flourishing town, including a picturesque park set against the bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, which is the site of a Confederate fortification built during the American Civil War. Mr. Rust built the grand Iron Banks Hotel in 1930 and in 1934 the federal government accepted the area as a state park project, which is modern day Columbus-Belmont State Park.

Hickman County native Joe Scott, owner of the Lodge, began property renovations in 2012 and opened in 2015 as the Iron Banks Lodge Bed and Breakfast.

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