International Owl Center

The International Owl Center is the only education center dedicated to owls in the United States. Meet live owls up close and personal, touch owl wings and tails, learn how to say "owl" in other languages, make a pledge to help owls, see owl cultural items from elsewhere in the world, and learn more about the owls and humans in the World Owl Hall of Fame. 

The Owl Center engages the public in citizen science through research using their own and other live webcams to gather data about nesting and vocalizations.

The Parade of Owls sculpture tour consists of 10 public owl art pieces located throughout Houston. Art styles include recycled bicycle parts, concrete mosaic, and metal.

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Latitude: 43.763114 Longitude: -91.567545 Elevation: 684 ft
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Seasons Open


Hours Open

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Adults $5; Children 4-17 $3; 3 and under FREE; members FREE

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