Historic Downtown Little Falls, Minnesota


Little Falls boasts an award winning historic downtown district showcasing many buildings restored to their 1890's appearance. With logging and milling firms using the power of the natural falls, supporting businesses grew on both sides of the Mississippi River. Established in 1848, Little Falls is one of the oldest cities in the state of Minnesota, and is located at one of the largest waterfalls on the Mississippi River north of Minneapolis. It is rich in history and charm and offers sightseeing and unique shopping opportunities.

On a walk through the downtown, stop for cappuccino and browse the beautiful home-décor and gift choices, housed in a restored building next to the historic Pine Edge Inn. The nostalgia of days gone by can be recaptured as you wander through the historic downtown shopping district of Little Falls. Stop into the Great River Arts Center to enjoy the gallery, which is free and open to the public. The GRAA also supports the summer "Concerts in the Park" at beautiful Maple Island Park located along the east river bank. A few doors north of GRAA is a nice café where you can find special food prepared with panache. Along your tour of the downtown you will find book stores, antique shops, a unique bridal shop and, of course, modern appliance, hardware and furniture stores, flower shops and bars, some with very colorful pasts. Stylish women's apparel is available, as is classic and elegant jewelry. Up and down Broadway you will find a well known, local bakery where you can have a bite to eat as well as a loaf of bread and other baked goodies, a bead shop where you can make your own jewelry, a saddle shop, a Sports Bar, which has been restored to the original 1885 exterior. Visit a drug store which has been a pharmacy, operated by various owners, since 1882 and have a haircut in the oldest building in town. The central intersection is known as "Bank Square" because for many years three banks occupied three corners of the square.

What ever needs may be, the shops of Little Falls are here for your convenience and service. You'll be happy you took the time to stop.

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Latitude: 45.977632 Longitude: -94.363597 Elevation: 1096 ft
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Getting Here and Getting Around

The center of downtown Little Falls is the intersection of MN Hwy 27 and Morrison County Hwy 76. There is ample parking in city lots on both the west and east sides of the downtown area.

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