Hiking Trails at Salt Lick Point Land and Water Reserve

Salt Lick Point Land and Water Reserve is a 594 acre site located in western Monroe County near the Rock City complex off Bluff Road just north of the original Village of Valmeyer.  There is a large parking area at 1309 Limestone Lane.

Three hiking trails have been constructed on the Reserve.  They are open every day of the year from dawn until dusk.  All trails connect with one another and cover 5 miles in total.  The original path, the 1.8 mile Salt Lick Trail, begins at the kiosk at the south end of the parking area and quickly heads up the bluffs on a very steep incline.  The trail loops past hill prairies and glades and through centuries-old woodlands. At the apex, Salt Lick Point, you will find yourself 850+ feet above sea level, believed to be the highest spot in Monroe County.  Continuing on Salt Lick trail, it will be all down hill from here, descending at Rock City and walking along Limestone Lane until you see the trail again beside the road.  You will end at the kiosk where you began.

Johnson Trail starts at the kiosk at the north end of the parking area. This path is flat and follows the base of the bluffs, meandering past limestone boulders the size of semi trucks.  In the spring the wildflowers that grow in the talus are a spectacular sight to see.  (Talus is a sloping mass of rocky fragments at the base of a cliff.) The cool air wafting down from the mine openings is a welcome relief when hiking on a hot day.  Much of the trail is rocked, but parts of it can be muddy if there has been significant rain. When you come to the end of the 1.3 mile Johnson Trail, you have a choice—turn around and hike 1.3 miles back to the parking lot or walk up the Newman Trail to the south to join the Salt Lick Trail.  If you choose to take the Newman Trail, be sure to make a sharp right turn and head up hill or you will find yourself in the re-located Village of Valmeyer on top of the bluffs.

The Newman Trail begins at the kiosk near St. John United Church of Christ, 201 South Meyer Avenue, in Valmeyer.  Parking is available in the church’s parking lot.  The entire trail is 1.9 miles long.  This path rambles through the woods and along a creek bed—crossing the creek numerous times.  When you reach the spot where Newman and Johnson Trails converge, you again have a choice—turn south (left) to continue on Newman Trail or make an about face and return to the kiosk where you began.  Just remember, continuing on Newman Trail will NOT take you back to where you parked.  Turning around and retracing your steps is the only way to return to your starting location.

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Latitude: 38.30213 Longitude: -90.308818 Elevation: 414 ft
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Vertical Gain or Loss

+450 feet

Trail Distance

Salt Lick Trail 1.8 miles; Johnson Trail 1.3 miles; Newman Trail 1.9 miles

Accessibility Notes

Trails are not handicapped accessible

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome, but must be on a leash.

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