Heritage Canyon

Heritage Canyon is a 12-acre wooded nature walk dotted with buildings that take the visitor back to the the 1800's.

Stroll through the park following the numbered yellow arrows.  The arrows will guide you to the Town Hall and Fire House building.  They will then lead over a swinging bridge made of steel-woven cables that were used in quarry operations.  This path leads to the log cabin settlement which includes the log cabin, tool shed, root and storm cellar, and the cemetery.  A 52-foot covered bridge leads to the Canyon Church.  The church is complete with altar, pulpit, baptismal font, pews, organ, and three bells in the bell tower.

Meander next to the old mill area with its waterfalls, water wheel, pond, and fountains.  This, like the church is a favorite spot for weddings.  A house built in 1860 in the Garden Plain area has been dismantled and reassembled at the Canyon.  This house has a walk-in fireplace with wooden doors.  A by-pass of the chimney into a small closet upstairs served as a smoke house for curing ham and bacon.  An elevated beehive porch is on one end of the building.  The shutters and white picket fence are original features.  The unattached summer kitchen was moved intact from the farm North of Fulton.

A doctor's office with antique medical instruments is located just east of the 1860's home.

Next, the path leads down to the floor of the Canyon to the school, blacksmith shop, and wagon works.  The one room school house contains desks, slate boards, and maps from the Park School in Fulton.  The bell is from the Mt. Hope School south of Garden Plain.  

The blacksmith shop and wagon works contain tools from the 1830's, some of which are powered by a main line shaft run by an old McCormick Deering engine.  The wagons, buggies, and bobsleds were some main items made in this type of workshop.

As you journey down the old main street you will find the print shop with the old foot operated press. This is similar to the kind and make that Benjamin Franklin used.  The general store contains a dentist office, clay pipe factory, mortuary, bank, photo shop, and shoe repair shop.

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Latitude: 41.877286 Longitude: -90.164417 Elevation: 587 ft

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