Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville

The Indian Mounds on the pinnacle (the bluffs above Clarksville, the highest point on the Mississippi River) were the first burying grounds in this area.  From excavations made there, they are said to date back to 1000 to 1420 A.D.

Probably the first graveyard in Clarksville was on the hill back of Grace Episcopal Church, on the south side of Howard Street.  In building homes there, bones have been dug up, but it has not been established whether these were Indians or White people. Later, there was a graveyard on the south slope of the pinnacle, which was known as the Jamieson graveyard. There were still some markers and a low walk until the road was built to Lookout point.   

There are many old cemeteries in the area, many of which are family owned but in 1868 a plat of ground was purchased by the City of Clarksville for a cemetery.  It was about one half mile from town with a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the Mississippi River.  There was a dwelling in one corner, where the Sexton lived. 

Many stones now in the cemetery bear dates earlier than 1868.  The oldest found is 1839.  In 1924, a stone entrance was built which bears the name Greenwood Cemetery.  The entrance sits back from Highway W, so it is easy to pass by.  In 1970, the local federated clubs erected a rustic sign on Highway W, with Greenwood Cemetery, 1868 on it, to point the way.  Even with the smaller cemeteries on private property, the Greenwood Cemetery tells many stories of the men and women who formed and became an integral part of the city of Clarksville.

Stop by the Clarksville Visitor Center for a copy of the Greenwood Cemetery Tour.  Over 60 graves have been identified by name, location within the cemetery, with a photo of the stone, and in many cases includes the obituary and the death certificate of the deceased.  For additional information, the Louisiana Public Library has six volumes by name that carries this information for all who are buried within Greenwood Cemetery.

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Latitude: 39.369422 Longitude: -90.9039 Elevation: 457 ft

Hours Open

8 AM to sunset

Seasons Open

Year round

Time Period Represented

1839 to present day

Visitor Fees

No fee for cemetery visit, nominal fee for copying of tour book.

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