Great River Trail - Monticello, MN

Monticello is located along the Mississippi River Trail (MRT), the first designated US Bikeway.  The MRT is a primarily on-road bikeway stretching along the Mississippi River from its headwaters just outside of Bemidji, Minnesota to its end at the Gulf of Mexico.  The trail is approximately 3,000 miles in total..

The MRT in Monticello includes an on and off-road segment known as the Great River Trail.

The Great River Trail is Monticello's longest trail system, running the entire length of the community from east to west.  As the Great River Trail winds through Monticello, it provides a kaleidoscope of experiences for the cyclist, from a view of the river rapids along the eastern portion, through the heart of old Monticello with its shops and restaurants, to the native grasslands and prairie along the western route.  Many of Monticello's signature parks, including the Bridge Parks, Ellison Park, Otter Creek Park and Wright County's Montissippi Park lie along the MRT route.

In Monticello, the Great River Trail is both a walking and cycling experience.  A trailhead for the Great River Trail is located near its western starting point in Monticello.  The MRT in Monticello is well-marked with MRT signage.



Latitude: 45.326263 Longitude: -93.839767 Elevation: 921 ft
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Trail Distance

Approximately 3,000 total miles; in Monticello, the MRT segment is approximately 6 miles in total length.

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