Great River State Trail

Take a pedal down the Mississippi River on the Great River State Trail. Enjoy 24 miles of the most beautiful scenery in the Midwest. The trail traverses along 18 different waterways, crosses over the Black River on a 287-foot former railroad trestle, and follows Lake Onalaska and the BNSF railway. Pass through Mississippi River bottomlands, visit Nicholls Hopewell Mound, and the Upper Mississippi and Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuges. From its trailhead in Onalaska, all the way to Trempealeau, the Great River State Trail is one beautiful landscape after another and is perfect for any type of bicycle. Nearly 70,000 visitors per year enjoy this fantastic trail. View and interactive map here.


Latitude: 43.881725 Longitude: -91.234185 Elevation: 679 ft
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Route Length

24 miles

Route Difficulty

Easy - Good for All Ages

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