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Fever River Outfitters rents canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, bicycles, scooters, snowshoes, cross-country skis and sells boats, sports gear and apparel.

Fever River Outfitters offers people of practically all ages an adventure on one of the most beautiful rivers in Northern Illinois. Our three trips on the Galena River range from 5 to 10 miles or about 2 and 4.5 hours in leisurely paddle time. Non guided trips launch at times specified below. Fever River provides map of the river, PFDs, Paddles and shuttle service. Please arrive at Fever River Outfitters 10 -15 mins prior to departure. Trips must be reserved in advance. Freestyle rentals available on every hour.

TRIP 1: Buckhill to Galena Landing (2 hours)

Our most popular trip starts at a private landing in the rural outskirts of Galena. A northern route meanders through a lush rural scene, shaded by greenery and the wingspan of blue herons that frequent the route. As you near town you'll cross under the gorgeous footbridges which connect the beauty of Grants Park on the east side, to the steeples and clocktowers of the west. Five miles down from the start and just south of the Hwy 20 bridge is the Galena Boat Landing. Here is the perfect place to land, stretch your legs and perhaps picnic on the grass. Right across the street is Fever River Outfitters.

TRIP 2: Galena Landing to Ferry Landing (2.5 hours)

This trip is truly a leisurely stroll on a shady river boulevard. Unless you've been informed of vast history of the Galena River (formerly known as the Fever River), you may not even realize you are paddling down the same river that moved the hundreds of steamboats which made Galena a steamboat destination in the early 1800s. If you're looking for more than nature, you'll see the little remains of the Galena River lock and dam, and the old railroad bridge bordering the end of the Galena and the start of the beautiful backwaters of the Mississippi River. Just after you cross under the railroad bridge you'll travel north on the narrow "Harris Slough," named after the famous Captain Harris. Two and a half hours from when we help you launch, we'll be waiting for you to arrive, at Ferry Boat Landing. We'll pick you up there and drive you back to Galena.

TRIP 3: Buckhill to Ferry Landing (4.5 hours)

Can't decide between trip 1 and trip 2? Why not put them together and paddle the whole 10.25 mile route? Purchase an optional lunch for only $10 more, and we'll bring the lunch to you at the Galena Boat landing (the destination point of Trip 1, or the half way point of Trip 3). There is a picnic area at the East side of the Galena Boat landing. Take a look at our Lunch and Paddle menu.

Freestyle rentals are available any time of the day. Options are a 2-hr, 3-hr or Full day rental (4+hrs). Put in and take out is at the Galena Boat Landing. No shuttle service is included. Reservations are not required but are recommended. Rates are per canoe/kayak. Add $10 to rates for double kayak.

*All participants must wear a lifejacket while renting a canoe or kayak from Fever River Outfitters. Fever River Outfitters provides them for you.

* There is no Alcohol allowed in the canoes or kayaks. Fever River Outfitters reserves the right not to rent to persons who are seen with open intoxicants.
*All participants must arrive at their destination no later than 6:00pm or additional charges, of $26 per additional hour, will apply. Depending on the time you leave, this time extension allows up to 2 hours longer than our average arrival times for very leisurely paddling.

* We recommend bringing your cell phone with you in a waterproof drysack.

Call for launch times, pricing and availability.


Latitude: 42.412295 Longitude: -90.43107 Elevation: 608 ft
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