Downtown Architectural Walking Tours

The St. Louis Downtown Architectural Walking Tours are all about educating the public about St. Louis' impressive architectural legacy. There are two options for the walking tour: Downtown East and Downtown West. The Downtown East tour, beginning at the Old Courthouse, will include more of St. Louis' earlier architecture history, while the Downtown West tour, beginning in front of Union Station, will focus more on 20th century architecture and history. Each tour guide will highlight different aspects of the tour that they find interesting, so no two tours are the same. Tours generally last about two hours. 

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Sample Itinerary of Experience

There are two downtown walking tour itineraries: Downtown East and Downtown West. The Downtown East tour begins on the western steps of the Old Courthouse (11 N. 4th St). The tour will begin with a brief history lesson on the beginnings of St. Louis and the Old Couthouse, including the landmark Dred Scott case. Other stops on the tour include the Gateway Arch, Fourth Street, and Washington Boulevard. Important architectural buildings, notably the Wainwright Building, the prototype to the skyscraper, are also featured. The tour concludes back at the Old Court House. 

The Downtown West tour begins in front of St. Louis' magnificent Union Station (1820 Market St). The tour will lead you down Market Street, teaching you about the history of several buildings, including the Art Deco-designed Post Office, the Peabody Opera House, and City Hall. The tour then heads north to visit many impressive buildings, including the beautiful Central Library, the Soldiers Memorial, and the extraordinary Campbell House Museum, a survivor of the lost antebellum Lucas Place neighborhood. The tour concludes back at Union Station. 

Costs and Fees

$10.00 per person for adults.  No fee for children 12 or under.

Seasons Open and Departure

Every Saturday morning, from April through October. Tours start at 10:00 am and run through noon.

Eco-Friendly Notes

This is a walking tour, so if you're staying in Downtown, just walk on over, no car required. 

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