Down A Country Road Amish Tours

Step back in time as you experience Wisconsin's largest Old Order Amish community through the eyes of an experienced tour guide!   

As a guide rides with you through the heart of Amish country, just 30 miles east of the Mississippi river you will meet the Amish, learn their history, traditions and customs.

Also experience the Village of Gift Shops at Down A Country Road, 2 miles east of Cashton, Wisconsin along State Hwy 33 where your tour will begin and end.  For more information visit 

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Latitude: 43.59431 Longitude: -90.842842 Elevation: 1224 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Kathy Kuderer

Sample Itinerary of Experience

A guide will ride with you for approximately one and a half to two hours as you visit Wisconsin's largest Old Order Amish community. Nearly 325 Amish families reside in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. As you are out and about your guide will share with you the history, traditions and customs of the Amish as well as personal experiences amongst the Amish.  You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the Amish. Chuck and Kathy Kuderer, ( Non Amish) were both very young when the Amish began to settle the Cashton area in 1966.  Having spent  the past 50 years with Amish neighbors and friends they are armed with a vast amount of knowledge.  Kathy , who is the main tour guide is an author and public speaker and will surely delight you and your group with her  knowledge.

Reservations are required for the guided tour and a limited number are available, however self guided tour options are available.

Costs and Fees

The cost of a guided tour is $100 per family car/van   Reservations are required by calling 608-654-5318

Self guided tours are available for $25.00 and  Map available for $5.00 with listings of Amish country businesses. No reservation required. No Sunday sales.  Pick up map at Down A Country Road gift shops

Seasons Open and Departure

May through October Monday through Saturday 10-5 Limited Hours during the Winter Months Call ahead 608-654-5318

Eco-Friendly Notes

Down A Country Road is a Wisconsin Travel Green Certified business.  We take steps to be as enviormentally friendly as possible. 

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

The Village Shops at Down A Country Road is located 2 miles east of Cashton, Wisconsin along State Hwy 33. It is an Agri Tourism business located on the farm of Chuck and Kathy Kuderer and their family.

Accessibility Notes

Some of the gift shops are handicapped accessible 

Restroom is handicap accessible.

Our grounds are handicap friendly


Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are Welcome on the grounds, but not in the gift shops.  We are located on a farm, where there are cats, possibly dogs and dairy farm animals.  All animals must be kept on leash or controlled by owner, as to not disturb the farm animals.

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