Donaldson Point Conservation Area

Donaldson Point Conservation Area is about six miles southeast of New Madrid. The area can be accessed from county gravel roads off Route WW and Route AB.

The area's 5,785 acres are at the north end of Donaldson Point, which is formed by the New Madrid Bend Loop of the Mississippi River. This same loop isolates a portion of the state of Kentucky. The Mississippi River forms part of the east and west boundaries of the conservation area and provides about seven miles of river frontage.

Construction of the levee created about 60 acres of ponds that are open to the public. The land is nearly flat. During seasonal flooding, large portions or all of the area may not be accessable.

The forest trees on Donaldson Point include cottonwood, willow, ash, elm, maple, pecan, sycamore, boxelder, hickory, and some bottomland oak species.

Donaldson Point also is home to several species not usually seen in the Mississippi lowlands. These include the endangered Swainson's warbler that nests in giant cane, Mississippi kites, bald eagles, interior least terns, swamp rabbits, and cotton mice.

The Conservation Department purchased the land for Donaldson Point Conservation Area in 1984. The land was formerly owned by Anderson-Tully Corporation.

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Latitude: 36.548635 Longitude: -89.43166 Elevation: 326 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Bird watching, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting, and trapping with special use permit.



Seasons Accessible

Area may be closed during periods of high water.

Open for public use from 4 am to 10 pm; hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, dog training, launching and landing boats is allowed 24 hours a day on areas where these activities are permitted.

Parking or storing watercraft or commercial vehicles on department areas during closed hours is prohibited.


There are no fees for using Missouri conservation areas. These areas are funded by the 1/8th of 1% Conservation State Sales Tax.

Accessibility Notes

Facilities include a boat ramp, parking lot and camping area

There are no disabled accessible facilities for this area.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets and hunting dogs are permitted but must be on a leash or confined at all time. Hunting dogs may be used off the leash and unconfined for hunting and training for the purposes of chasing, locating, tracking or retrieving game. A valid small game hunting permit is required to train dogs in pursuit of wildlife.

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