Delta Gateway Museum

Delta Gateway Museum (DGM) tells the story of Blytheville, Arkansas, and the surrounding area by interpreting the land and its impact on the people. The museum collects and exhibits historical materials that relate to and emphasize the history and cultural development of the region, including northeast Arkansas, southeast Missouri, and the Arkansas Delta.

Visitors learn through temporary exhibits about 16th century Spanish conquistadors and the native peoples they met in the Arkansas Delta; the development of agriculture in the region; the history of local communities and industry; the impact of Eaker Air Force Base; and the effects of the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes. DGM provides a venue for the regional art community, as well as space for meetings and events.

Planned permanent exhibits will expand on topics such as prehistoric Native American cultures; the history of Euro-American settlement; the ways in which swamp drainage and flood control, along with river, rail, and highway transportation, contributed to one of the world's most fertile agricultural regions; and the impact of the local steel industry on the area's current and future progress.  

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Latitude: 35.927689 Longitude: -89.904758 Elevation: 263 ft
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