Clarksville Historic Churches

The city of Clarksville has a good number of churches, many of them well over one hundred years old.  

Included in the tour is the Catholic church, which is a mission church and served by the same priest who serves at St. Joseph in Louisiana, the next town north. 

The First Baptist Church was rebuilt in 1968 as the original building from 1875 was in poor condition.  The bell dated 1876 was removed with care from the old church and installed in the new church.

The Clarksville Presbyterian Church was built during the Civil War.  It held services off and on through the 1990's.  This church is now the Missouri Music Hall.

The Calumet Baptist Church was built in 1857 but disbanded in 1871.  It was then reorganized in 1886 and the Presbyteries that the Calumet Church has been are the Cumberland Presbytery, Salt River Presbytery, Kirk Presbytery and the Missouri Union Presbytery.  Today the building is privately owned.

Clarksville Christian Church was organized in 1851 and the church was erected in 1852 on Main Street.  The conflict between the South and the N orth during the Civil War carried into this church.  In those days, some of the people who had southern sympathies would continue to attend services but would refuse to join the church as long as there were members of the church that had northern sympathies.

The first Clarksville Methodist Church was built around 1835.  In 1906 the congregation began plans for a new church.  The church today looks much the same as it did when it was completed in 1908.  The church is a beautiful sight at night with the lights on inside shining through the beautiful windows and steeple window. 

The Grace Episcopal Church was organized March 21, 1869 by a group of twenty citizens.  At the Diocesan Convention in May of that year, Grace Church was admitted as a Parish.  Today, the building is a private home, beautifully remodeled on the interior, but maintaining the original exterior. 

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Latitude: 39.369422 Longitude: -90.903901 Elevation: 457 ft

Hours Open to Visitation

Daylight hours are best.  Get a copy of the Clarksville Historic Churches at the Clarksville Visitor Center to begin your tour.  The Center is located at Highway 79 and Mississippi Street in Clarksville.

Accessibility Notes

Driving tour.

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