Chitimacha Indian Reservation

The Chitimacha Reservation is located in Charenton, Louisiana, following the curve of the Bayou Teche. Chitimacha legend has it that the Bayou Teche was created by a huge and venomous snake. It was so large and so long that its size was not measured in feet, but in miles. Its head was at what is now know as Morgan City and its tail at St. Martinville. This snake had been an enemy of the Chitimacha for many years, doing a lot of destruction to their ways of life.

One day the Chitimacha chief called together his warriors and had them prepare for battle with their enemy, the snake. Using their clubs, bows and arrows the Chitimacha fought the snake, fighting courageously to kill the enemy, but it fought just as hard to survive. As the snake turned, coiled and twisted in the last few days of a slow death, it broadened, curved and deepened the place wherein its huge body now lay. As his body decomposed, the place began to deepen more. Thus, the Bayou Teche was formed.

The Chitimacha Reservation is situated on approximately 260.3 acres of land, covered with beautiful ancient oak and cypress trees. The Tribe is very proud of its economic developments, reflecting in the new homes for its Tribal members, the Trading Post, Tribal Museum, Multi-Purpose Office building, Health Department, Tribal Courts, Police & Fire, Senior/Youth Center and Tribal School. The Tribe's largest commercial development is the highly successful Cypress Bayou Casino, located on the Chitimacha Indian Reservation.

The Chitimacha Tribe and its Tribal Council, finds itself facing the 21st century in perhaps the best position it has ever been. There is a solid economic base on which to build. The people are healthy and enthusiastic, becoming better educated and gainfully employed. The Chitimacha have earned respect from the Federal government, becoming significant contributors to an improved quality of life in the land they always called home. The Chitimacha vision is reflected in the following statement: 

"To still walk the same land our ancestors walked
To again be able to care and provide for our people
and those around us. To rekindle the pride in being Chitimacha
That is the greatest gift we can give our children"


Latitude: 29.882572 Longitude: -91.524452 Elevation: 12 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Carrie Stansbury

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